TNT Defined

TNT means cooperating (Greek synergeo) with God (Theo) in order to bring about a neurological change (neuro-transformation). TNT is the technical term for Cooperating With God For A Change®.

Theosynergistic Neuro-Transformation® is more accurately defined as applied theology and human-design engineering rather than a distinct psychology, for the foundation of TNT is based on theology rather than standard psychological approaches to personal transformation and counseling. This revolutionary, dynamic approach is effective because it integrates the truth found in God’s word with an understanding of how God wired the human nervous system to operate.

So, TNT is a synergistic integration of God’s truth and God’s design of us, for us, and through us. It focuses on discovering truth within God’s word and understanding the way God designed the human nervous system. We center on learning how to cooperate with God’s truth and design (applied theology) in order to renew the soul.

Cooperating With God For A Change® helps individuals create new options for themselves and for others that are useful and productive and it equips helpers with the skills that allow them to intervene when necessary or desired. These innovative techniques offer versatile information with a broad range of applications that include business, education, parenting, marital relationships, social service, and dynamic personal growth.

TNT is Different

Cooperating with God for a Change® (TNT) is concrete and much less philosophical and psychological than other approaches to emotional healing. One key difference between TNT and traditional philosophical psychology is that we ask how instead of why. There are approximately 800 psychological theories about the best way to make people whole. Most of these theories center on the question of why a person is the way he/she is. The theories attempt to explain why a person feels frustrated, depressed, angry, helpless, worthless, etc. While many people have been helped by some of these approaches, the why question is most often not the effective question to ask. There are two primary problems with why approaches to personal transformation. First, it is often difficult to answer the why question definitively. Years can be spent rehearsing a person’s childhood experiences trying to figure out, why am I so angry, jealous, depressed, etc.? Rehearsing events over and over makes us very good at doing the dysfunctional emotion and behavior that have been installed. Secondly, even when this question is answered definitively, the answer does not necessarily result in transformation. Information does not lead to transformation if the information does not align the meaning congruently with God’s truth. For example, knowing that your fear of sex is rooted in childhood sexual abuse doesn’t empower you to have a healthy sex life. Indeed, sometimes preoccupation with the why question hinders the healing process by cultivating a victim mentality. The why question may help people learn who or what to blame for their dysfunction without helping them learn how to divest this person or event from the past and its power over their present.

Considering the how question is more effective and empowering. People need to understand how they do frustrated, depressed, angry, helpless, worthless, etc., rather than why they feel these things.   Many people who struggle with psychological disorders use a mental strategy to sustain these disorders. They become very good at practicing, projecting and prophesying outcomes that keep them feeling broken.  For over two decades I have been helping people apply principles from God’s Word  to help people replace their ineffective life strategies with effective strategies for doing wholeness. We cooperate with God’s unique design for the nervous system and apply truths from God’s Word to empower people to be the whole persons God intends them to be.

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