The Insensitive Mind

I wrote a poem about a dark time in my life called Tangled and Twisted. The poem starts “I looked all around me and what did I find, painful reminders of leave God behind”. These words are even more evident today than when I wrote the poem. Our schools, universities, government centers, homes and even a great many of our churches have left God behind. Not just left God behind, but actually threw Him out and are ushering in a new world order. We adopt and embrace the ungodly world system that attacks us through every form of media: movies, books, music, advertisements, TV, internet, video games… flowing and embedding into the mind of the flesh.

There is a line in the movie “Forrest Gump”. Forrest say’s “Stupid is as stupid does.”  Stupid is what happens when a person has a spiritually insensitive mind. The mind becomes calloused, lacking in feelings and responsiveness to the things of God. The reference for truth is chained to the teaching that comes from the world system. Without spiritual intelligence a person and a society can rationalize every immoral and ungodly kind of behavior. We have three main areas that, as Christians, we are in war with: The demonic forces of evil, the world system and our fleshly mind.

Cultural relevancy:

Human head and worldThe devil is constantly inundating the world with messages that are lies. Lies about God, how the world operates and the mind of the flesh. We act upon the lies as if they are true. The mind of the flesh is like an antenna that tunes in and picks up and stores messages in our brain from the time we are born until we die. We then filter the world through eyes and ears that cannot see or hear the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come back again and we’ll discuss the question: Where or from whom do you get your truth?

In His grip, Al

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