I bet if you ask one hundred people if they want to be successful, they would say, “absolutely, yes.” So I am asking, “Do you really want to be successful?” Did I hear a big “Yes I Do”? Well, according to what criteria, according to what reference do you determine how to become successful?

Is there a map of truth that we can follow so that we can end up successful? Let’s take a look at what the Word of God says about how to become successful. Psalm 1:1-2 warns us and gives us the key of what to practice in order to be successful. Here is my rendering of Psalm 1:1-2

“You are blessed by God if you avoid walking in step with Picture of a running brookwicked people or follow the path of those who err in their ways or constantly put down the truth of God’s Word. If you would decide to meditate (take the time to reflect) upon the Word of God in the morning and meditate upon the Word of God at night, you will be like a tree that is nourished by God with living water. You will produce fruit for the kingdom, and you will not cave in to temptation but will show the evidence of the truth that is in you, and you will prosper in all the areas of your life.”

Wow, how good is that? It is crystal clear. If you want success, meditate upon God’s Word. This psalm helps us know how to be successful. Just like a tree that has its roots connected to life-giving resources, so we must be connected to the living Word of God to prosper. How does a tree successfully produce fruit? The seed of the tree needs to be planted in good nutrient-rich soil and given life-sustaining water in order to reproduce. When you take water away from a tree, it takes time for the leaves to dry up and die. If water is not feeding the thirst of the tree, it will never produce fruit. Bernard Madoff looked successful from a distance, but he was like a decayed tree, all the time rotting on the inside with no life-giving nutrients feeding him from the outside.

How can this be? Really! That is all it takes! Meditate upon the Word, and you will have success. I have challenged thousands of people over the years. If they believe that the Word of God is living, active, and powerful (Hebrews 4:12), then they would also believe what Psalms 1:1-2 states. They would meditate upon the Word of God in the morning and mediate upon the Word of God at night. Here is a challenge for you. Can you write down 100 verses that have been put into the soil of your heart? If not it is time to start.

The Word, when sealed in your heart, becomes the way in which you will filter conversations, both internal and external. The Word of God becomes your reference for doing life and is contrary to the system of lies that fill the world. All the world gives is fool’s gold.

If a person would only decide to meditate upon the Word, what a transformation would occur. Just meditate upon one Bible verse a week, and you will seal 52 verses in your heart in one year, 520 verses in 10 years, and 1560 verses in 30 years. Do you want to prosper in your most important relationships? Do you want to succeed in your business? Do you want God to say, “Well done faithful servant?” If so, start meditating on God’s Word NOW.

In our next blog I will give you a skill that I use for meditating on God’s Word.

Where Do You Go For Truth?

Picture of a path winding through the forestI have asked the same question to thousands of people over the past 35 years: “Where do you go for truth?” I hear all kinds of answers. Most people I have counseled seek counsel because they want to feel better. They want their lives to work better, and they want help to fix the situation they have gotten themselves into.

For a person to transform what is not working in their life necessitates a reference of truth that will guide them on a journey to renewal. It is imperative that all of us reflect on the maps we are following. Do you have an accurate map that will give you accurate directions to your desired destinations? In order to transform our lives, the map we follow needs to be drawn from the pen of a mapmaker that actually knows the true path to take in order to arrive at any given destination.  (See Godmaps #1) Continue reading

The Insensitive Mind

I wrote a poem about a dark time in my life called Tangled and Twisted. The poem starts “I looked all around me and what did I find, painful reminders of leave God behind”. These words are even more evident today than when I wrote the poem. Our schools, universities, government centers, homes and even a great many of our churches have left God behind. Not just left God behind, but actually threw Him out and are ushering in a new world order. We adopt and embrace the ungodly world system that attacks us through every form of media: movies, books, music, advertisements, TV, internet, video games… flowing and embedding into the mind of the flesh. Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost?

I think that we all want to pay as little as possible for the goods we buy. We want the best deal. We want to maximize our investments.

I was thinking . . . I was wondering . . . What does it cost to have a relationship with God? What am I willing to pay to know Him?  What would I exchange to really know God, the Creator of the entire universe? Can I pay something to be His friend? Maybe I can buy some time with the Architect of the universe. Maybe I could pay to be with Him, walk around with God for a bit, be His companion in the afternoons, and He would protect me from the big and scary issues of life. What would you pay for a relationship with God? I came across this poem by Wilbur Reese that captures these thoughts. Wilbur doesn’t want to pay much. Continue reading

He Comes to Destroy

Satan is willing to sacrifice so that the end result culminates in the destruction of the things that matter to God.

Thieves want to steal. They want to take everything you have. We have been discussing a very different kind of thief in the past two blogs. (Satan Comes Only to Steal, Sacrifice, and Destroy  and He Comes to Kill) This thief comes to steal, sacrifice and ultimately destroy (John 10:10). This thief is a kleptomaniac who is willing to sacrifice all he has and uses seducing temptations that stimulates temporary sinful pleasure. Continue reading