Cry In The Wilderness

picture of a man in a desertIt is no easy matter to write about the agonizing cry that resonates from within the “spiritual wilderness.” Looking back through the mirror of delivery is always easier to write about than when the desert surrounds you, and you see no end to its grasp upon your soul.

The wilderness is a dry, barren desert that stretches on into the vast horizon. It is in this desolate place where idols of the heart are found forged from the desires of the flesh. It is the place we are called to face our unique temptations;  where pride, lust, and fear abound.  Exposed by “the light” that scorches the soul, forcing one to want to hide in the shadows until pride takes control again. This is the place of lies, deceit, and internal mirages constructed by the reptilian brain that constantly and consistently demands instant gratification. The quick fix is what the mind of the flesh seeks and tenaciously clings to.  The tempter hates that you experience even a moment of pleasure. He is willing to exchange fleshly indulgence for the scorpion’s sting that he is “biding his time” to deliver.

The wilderness is the place of death where idols of the heart must be destroyed or our inheritance of the Promise Land will never appear.

I will be writing about my journey to the Promised Land.

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