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Discover the relationship of being and not doing!

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In the last blog I shared a quick glimpse, a snapshot of my view of the Promised Land (PL).  However, I look at the PL at the moment from a spiritual desert.  I am wondering if any of you may be like me.  I am wondering if you have had a similar experience, maybe for different reasons, but you are able to relate to where I am now.  Those times when you wake up one morning and find yourself in the middle of a dry, spiritual wasteland.

I am wondering if you have experienced existing here? 

You may remember visiting the wilderness in times past or like me, you are in the wilderness now.  It could have been a devastating loss that brought you here, a failure hidden to others, or one exposed by God to your loved ones or to the world.  Maybe you are in the desert, and you don’t even know it.  Maybe you have been living in that dry, thirsty place hungry for insight and spiritual intelligence, but find it just out of your grasp.  Or maybe you are where I am right now, compelled and driven by the Holy Spirit to the desert to wrestle with a specific kind of relationship with God; the relationship of being and not doing. 

I share with you from this place, and my desire is that you come along with me and keep me company. I am writing on this difficult subject while in the beast’s belly.  All the masks fall to the floor and there is little to give of life from this place.  I move forward with fear and trembling, as this is the most vulnerable of places, revealing to others, exposing my frailty, and confronted by the deeper, darker caverns of the soul.  We are called to the desert to identify idols of the heart, look them in the eye and destroy them in the wilderness.  Idols are not permitted, cannot and do not exist in the PL.  They must be destroyed or you will find yourself back in the wilderness again.

If  you are willing to travel with me or if you are in the spiritual desert now, it is imperative that you cling to and trust the Word of God.  For nothing can separate us/you from the love of God (Romans 8:35-39).

Even though we journey in the desert we remain connected to the law of the Spirit of life with a spiritual cord that comes from Christ (Romans 8:1-2).

With His eye upon you, Al

2 thoughts on “Come Along With Me

  1. What settles quickly and loudly into the launchpad of my fingers is that I don’t know which action leads further into or out of this desert. The famine that threatens my faith blinds the eyes of he with the keenest of sight. Yet here I sit, squinting to make sense of the view. How troubled must I be to aspire for such wisdom!
    Loss has delivered my faith to a point which shackles the most innocent of beings. I stand upon the precipice of validation and somehow feel restricted to reach only for doubt. For what seems like the longest of time for me, I have wondered the details of this “spiritual wasteland” only to stand transfixed by the chasms that are unveiled as I peer into the echoing rabbit hole that quickly consumes all the learned rationalizations that I have based my life’s decisions on. I am both humbled and infuriated with the realization that my singular hope for understanding lies beneath the very prism that I have for so long stared at, though never really inspected with the fingertips so uniquely designed for me. I have reckoned my faith as trivial through a passion for God that boasts deep sterility. I have cloaked myself in arrogance where I should have been veiled in humility. Miraculously, I quake with anticipation, for a journey whose destination I cannot earthly fathom. And yet, I perch; I strain my neck, resolved to deny this refuse God I’ve so quickly embraced and to reach, ever timidly as it may be, for a God whom He intended me to see.

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