Moving In And Out Of The Wilderness

 Picture of Silver Car

Desert Mirages:

Moving in and out of the wilderness is a consuming and exhausting affair. As long as our God maps ( are faulty, we see with very dark glasses in a dimly lit room. We travel down roads covered with stumbling blocks, and demonic obstacles are encountered at every turn. When you are unaware that you are functioning from a spiritual desert, you first begin to realize that you are in the matrix, which has been constructed by a diabolical architect. The mirages that are seen there look so real.

The enemy of our Lord and Savior is very cunning and designs the stuff of the world, in such a way, that we see, hear, and feel its appeal satisfying the lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life. It takes failure, loss, exposure, and a sense of déjà vu that you have been tricked, and it is happening again. It is always and only God’s grace that spiritually enlightens and illuminates these dark spaces. Mirages exist in the desert but when illuminated, they are simply magic tricks that God exposes to the heart of the mind. Continue reading


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Okay, I’m following-up from our previous blog on success. I made the point that success is dependent upon installing, or as scripture states, hiding God’s Word in your heart (Psalm 119:11). We hide the Word of God in our heart through meditation.

Anyone can memorize scripture. Memorization remains as information that we can regurgitate or distort; it is not the hidden treasure of the heart that transforms our lives. (See GodMaps #15 Gnosis Doesn’t Transform and #16 Transformed by Epignosis

For example, let’s take the shortest verse in the New Testament, “Jesus wept.” (John 11:35) What is the significance about Jesus weeping? What would God want you to know about His Son in this verse? How does meditation make a difference in the soil of your heart? What does meditating upon this verse mean? Continue reading

Where Do You Go For Truth?

Picture of a path winding through the forestI have asked the same question to thousands of people over the past 35 years: “Where do you go for truth?” I hear all kinds of answers. Most people I have counseled seek counsel because they want to feel better. They want their lives to work better, and they want help to fix the situation they have gotten themselves into.

For a person to transform what is not working in their life necessitates a reference of truth that will guide them on a journey to renewal. It is imperative that all of us reflect on the maps we are following. Do you have an accurate map that will give you accurate directions to your desired destinations? In order to transform our lives, the map we follow needs to be drawn from the pen of a mapmaker that actually knows the true path to take in order to arrive at any given destination.  (See Godmaps #1) Continue reading

Is the Tree God?

We have been talking about maps. Maps are wonderful and useful tools, as long as we never mistake the map for the territory. The following is an example of a human map that people fight a lot about!


This is not a tree, is it? And it is not God!

Picture of a large tree

To think that the tree is God is called pantheism—human maps that lead to pain!

Now, this may seem obvious that a picture is not the territory (the tree). It only represents the territory. However, some people believe that the tree is god. They have a cognitive map (see Cognitive Maps) that informs them that the universe is god. God only exists as the elemental structure of the cosmos to them, God blew himself up in the big bang, so the tree, the rivers, and animals are god. These are nice people, good people with a faulty map. Continue reading

Cognitive Maps

Imagine you have a desire to move to California.  You are given a map from someone you trust.  So you follow the map for a long time and, to your surprise and dismay, you find yourself in Detroit.  This is not good and is sometimes even tragic!  We work so hard to get some place we really want to go to and end up far from the desired goal.
Continue reading