Picture of Al LarsonThis is my personal blog, so let’s make sure you connected with the right Al Larson.  I was born in Minnesota.  That helps a little, but there are a few of us Al Larsons in Minnesota and yes – Johnsons, Nelsons, Olsons, Hansons . . . !  Let’s narrow it down a little more.   I am the President and Founder of Dynamics of Growth, Inc., a non-profit consulting and training center.  I am also the CEO of Jericho Ventures, LLC, a company that provides training resources on how to be the detective of your soul, which is the objective observer of your internal world.  I co-authored the book, Escaping the Matrix.

My blog will center on Cooperating with God for a Change® and Internal Leadership™.  I will be sharing some of my personal journey and areas that challenge the conventional view of transformation.

I typically post two to three times a week.

Dr. Al Larson

As President and founder of Dynamics of Growth, Al provides counseling and training to families and individuals and works as a corporate trainer and coach.  He is also a Christian, husband, father, and grandfather.  His education and background offer a unique method of renewal, cooperating with how God made the human nervous system, and what God asks of us.


Al has a Doctorate of Ministry in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, M.A. in Psychology, MA in Theology, and Master Certification in Human Design Engineering. Al is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  He is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor, certified with the North American Psychologist Association, a supervising therapist with the American Academy of Clinical Family Therapists and is a professor at the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.  Al created a concept of counseling known as Theosynergistic Neuro-Transformation™ (Cooperating With God For A Change®).  He also has advanced training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

Business Background

Al’s business history includes: President of United Consumer Marketing, General Manager of Gabberts Furniture, General Mnager of Gourmet Foods, and past President of Twin City Youth for Christ. This business bckground,combined with the proven methods of TNT Counseling are transforming people and improving their effectiveness in the workplace.