Moving In And Out Of The Wilderness

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Desert Mirages:

Moving in and out of the wilderness is a consuming and exhausting affair. As long as our God maps ( are faulty, we see with very dark glasses in a dimly lit room. We travel down roads covered with stumbling blocks, and demonic obstacles are encountered at every turn. When you are unaware that you are functioning from a spiritual desert, you first begin to realize that you are in the matrix, which has been constructed by a diabolical architect. The mirages that are seen there look so real.

The enemy of our Lord and Savior is very cunning and designs the stuff of the world, in such a way, that we see, hear, and feel its appeal satisfying the lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life. It takes failure, loss, exposure, and a sense of déjà vu that you have been tricked, and it is happening again. It is always and only God’s grace that spiritually enlightens and illuminates these dark spaces. Mirages exist in the desert but when illuminated, they are simply magic tricks that God exposes to the heart of the mind. Continue reading

Come Along With Me

Discover the relationship of being and not doing!

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In the last blog I shared a quick glimpse, a snapshot of my view of the Promised Land (PL).  However, I look at the PL at the moment from a spiritual desert.  I am wondering if any of you may be like me.  I am wondering if you have had a similar experience, maybe for different reasons, but you are able to relate to where I am now.  Those times when you wake up one morning and find yourself in the middle of a dry, spiritual wasteland.

I am wondering if you have experienced existing here?  Continue reading

The Promise Land

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In the last blog, I started to share about my journey in the “spiritual wilderness.” Before we travel too far into the spiritual desert, I want you to know that there is a Promised Land that we can apprehend now. To know that you are in a spiritual desert, you must have a reference, some experience with the “Promised Land (PL).” I have tasted the fruit, smelled its aroma, heard its vibrations, seen its glory, and felt its joy. We do not have to wait until we die and go to heaven to have the substance of the Promised Land. The tough part is that we need to die to self in order to experience our birthright now.  Continue reading

Cry In The Wilderness

picture of a man in a desertIt is no easy matter to write about the agonizing cry that resonates from within the “spiritual wilderness.” Looking back through the mirror of delivery is always easier to write about than when the desert surrounds you, and you see no end to its grasp upon your soul.

The wilderness is a dry, barren desert that stretches on into the vast horizon. It is in this desolate place where idols of the heart are found forged from the desires of the flesh. It is the place we are called to face our unique temptations;  where pride, lust, and fear abound.  Exposed by “the light” that scorches the soul, forcing one to want to hide in the shadows until pride takes control again. This is the place of lies, deceit, and internal mirages constructed by the reptilian brain that constantly and consistently demands instant gratification. The quick fix is what the mind of the flesh seeks and tenaciously clings to.  The tempter hates that you experience even a moment of pleasure. He is willing to exchange fleshly indulgence for the scorpion’s sting that he is “biding his time” to deliver.

The wilderness is the place of death where idols of the heart must be destroyed or our inheritance of the Promise Land will never appear.

I will be writing about my journey to the Promised Land.


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Okay, I’m following-up from our previous blog on success. I made the point that success is dependent upon installing, or as scripture states, hiding God’s Word in your heart (Psalm 119:11). We hide the Word of God in our heart through meditation.

Anyone can memorize scripture. Memorization remains as information that we can regurgitate or distort; it is not the hidden treasure of the heart that transforms our lives. (See GodMaps #15 Gnosis Doesn’t Transform and #16 Transformed by Epignosis

For example, let’s take the shortest verse in the New Testament, “Jesus wept.” (John 11:35) What is the significance about Jesus weeping? What would God want you to know about His Son in this verse? How does meditation make a difference in the soil of your heart? What does meditating upon this verse mean? Continue reading